Volusia County Division

How We Work

When notified of a child or young adult in need of assistance with covering their diabetes medications, supplies or equipment, or counseling, education, and in some cases doctor appointments, HADC immediately steps in to evaluate the needs and has the ability to pay for medications and supplies as needed or to assist in scheduling a doctor visit and pay for the visit. No one from HADC handles any of the medications or supplies. This is short-term help until a more permanent means to facilitate their expenses can be found. The patient receives their medications or supplies directly from the pharmacy or supply house. HADC has even sent supplies to school nurses to help them assist with children having diabetes.

About me

As Director of Operations, I am passionate about helping those facing the challenges of Diabetes—especially Type 1. I was diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 51 after a compromise to my immune system. I grew up an athlete and what a life-changing event! In my first year, I was giving myself 6-8 shots per day of insulin. By the second year, my doctor suggested the insulin pump. Struggling with the thought of having this “thing” attached to me, I finally decided to utilize the pump. It actually enabled me to have better control of my diabetes. Fast forward to 2018, I met the brother of HADC’s President and Founder, Tami Balavage. After talking with Tami about the organization, I pursued developing a division in Volusia County, as I recognized the need for support to the community was lacking. My dream is to be able to live without the pump and insulin but until that day, I want to do what I can to help those struggling daily to meet the challenges head on and learn healthier habits to support their diabetes.

Our Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1426 Edgewater, FL 32132-1426

Cheryl Jenkins, Director Volusia County Division

Cell: 386-547-8149

Email: helpadiabeticchild.volusia@gmail.com

Community Involvement

HADC attended the 2019 Boy Scout Jubilee, Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee, Florida and did rock painting with approximately 100 Boy Scouts. Pictured is Ted Clifton. Also attending was Cheryl Jenkins and Leo Decker.

Florida Diabetes Camp Winona on Vendor Day to talk with the parents of kids attending camp.

HADC Volusia County with Zee Goalkeeper Academy organized Goalkeeper/Striker Clinic Charity Event.


To all those involved:

My daughter Courtney and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind contribution, so Courtney is able to attend Session 2 at Camp Winona..

As a nurse, I was planning to volunteer my time at session 2 to assist these precious kids. I did this last summer and truly enjoyed the experience. As a volunteer, my daughter would also be able to attend the camp for free.

Unfortunately, due to my own medical issues, I will have to undergo unexpected surgery just before the start of camp and will be unable to volunteer my time. Which in turn, means Courtney would be unable to attend camp for free. As a single mom with 3 kids finances are tight.

Because of the generosity of people such as Lowell and Nancy Lohman and their donations to Help a Diabetic Child (HADC) Courtney is able to attend camp with the sponsorship of HADC.

Thank you again from Courtney and me for all you do for the community and this life-altering opportunity. The camp provides the opportunity for these beautiful children to be “normal kids” while learning to own their disease and take charge.

Have a blessed week.

Stephanie and Courtney Peeples

Upcoming Events

Check here: VolusiaDiabetes.com for future conference information

Cheryl Jenkins, Director of


Ted Clifton, Community Outreach, Volusia Division


Leo Decker, Community Outreach, Volusia Division


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