Volusia County Division

How We Work

In most cases, HADC receives a referral from a hospital Emergency Room with a newly diagnosed child, a doctor, nurse, school nurse, diabetes educator, or social worker of a child or young adult that needs help getting insulin or diabetes supplies. Our president, Tami Balvage, makes contact directly with the patient/patient’s parent to ascertain the details of their situation. Once a determination is made, HADC will have a package drop-shipped from a medical supply company containing supplies such as Test Strips, Lancets, Meters, Syringes, Pen Needles based upon need. If they need insulin, the patient must have the prescription sent to the pharmacy so HADC can pay for the insulin over the phone and then it can either be picked up or mailed to the patient. No one from HADC handles any of the diabetes supplies or insulin. Supplies are sent directly to the patient most of the time from ADW Diabetes® www.adwdiabetes.com located in Pompano Beach, FL. Some supplies may even be sent to school nurses upon determining the need.

Cheryl Jenkins, Director, Volusia Division


Ted Clifton, Community Outreach, Volusia Division


Leo Decker, Community Outreach, Volusia Division


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