Resources for Diabetes - Help a Diabetic Child

Resources for Diabetes

These are some other resources you can contact in the U.S. for assistance if you cannot afford your prescriptions (insulin, diabetes supplies, etc.):

Additionally, you can talk to a diabetes educator or RN for free through the toll-free diabetes helpline offered by the Diabetes Wellness and Research foundation.

If you still can’t find the kind of assistance you need, visit the listing of Government, Private + Charitable Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetesoffered by Islets of Hope, their Diabetes Assistance Program PDF or theSTATE-BY-STATE PARTNERSHIP FOR PRESCRIPTION ASSISTANCE page on dLife.

Discussions on Using the Walmart Relion Insulins ($25/bottle)

Other patient assistance resources:

Further help for those challenged by drug and alcohol addiction can be found on and

Naples, FL can be found specifically at and as these pages would provide pertinent information related to drug and alcohol abuse treatment in Naples, FL.

If you have any other resource you would like to recommend

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