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When considering the costs of Type 1 Diabetes management, it’s easy to understand how a family or individual can find themselves a paycheck away from not being able to afford life-sustaining medical supplies or insulin. 

If a parent or guardian of a child with diabetes loses their job, is dropped from health insurance, or has limited resources, such as transportation, sustaining the costs of a T1D treatment regimen can be nearly impossible. 

If you or someone you know is struggling to purchase insulin, diabetes medical supplies, or doctor visits for the treatment of diabetes, please apply for our services using the form linked below.


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Much like diabetes treatment plans vary from individual to individual, HADC tailors our support to the specific and emergent needs of each child or young adult we serve. Working together with endocrinologists, psychologists, pharmacies, and medical supplies distributors, we’re able to apply support to struggling families and children in a variety of ways. 

Help A Diabetic Child never directly handles medication or medical supplies. We act as a facilitator between doctors, school nurses, medical suppliers, and pharmacists to schedule and pay for doctor visits, provide vials of life-saving insulin, deliver necessary diabetic medical supplies like glucose testing strips and syringes, and coordinate mental health services so a child’s holistic needs are cared for. 

By prioritizing a child’s well-being through access to life-saving medication, we invest in their future as a happy and healthy adult successfully managing diabetes. 

Though we are unable to provide life-long support to the individuals we serve, we take pride in providing ongoing resources and fostering a diabetes community of encouragement and guidance. 

Our helpful links and resources can be used to receive supplies discounts, pharmaceutical coupons, and educate families or individuals on how to manage diabetes with a budget in mind. 

We also host annual Diabetes Camps to educate children who live with diabetes about their autoimmune disease and embracing their circumstances with a positive attitude. Kid’s can connect with other diabetic individuals and participate in activities in a safe and inclusive environment. 


Ongoing support for continued health and well-being

Contribute to one
of our causes:

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Help us provide 10 children with a year’s supply of Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs). All donations go directly to making a difference for children with diabetes.

Vials of Insulin

Insulin is the most critical and expensive medication prescribed to help manage diabetes. Contribute to our insulin fund so that no child with diabetes should ever have to go without it.

Mental & Emotional Support

We believe in coordinating treatment options that consider a child’s health holistically so that they have the opportunity to thrive both physically and mentally.

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