Mentorship program

Get support from
a young adult
living with T1D

What is a HADC Mentor?

HADC mentors are here to help! Each mentor understands the hardships and daily ins and outs of diabetes. What better way to connect with someone that knows exactly what you are going through? We developed the HADC mentorship program as a support group for children and young adults looking to relate or seek advice from our T1D mentors. HADC mentors are NOT medical professionals but are here to help navigate the young struggles of living with T1D. Pick a mentor that best fits your needs and we would be happy to support you!

Meet Mentor Julia

Hi! My name is Julia and I have been tackling T1D for 18 years. I LOVE working for HADC and it is my main goal to help those struggling with their diabetes. I understand the highs and lows of T1D and I am always here as a resource and friend to anyone needing support! 

Interests: I love being active while playing tennis and walking my dog! Above all, caring for the diabetes community! 

Favorite low-carb snack: Cheese sticks!

Favorite high-carb snack: Anything chocolate! 


Call or Text: (239) 565-6318



Meet Mentor Ryan

My name is Ryan and I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 5. I am currently 24 years of age and work for Medtronic out in San Antonio. I have the privilege of helping others that live with the same autoimmune disease as myself. Having Type 1 has opened up many doors that I am super grateful for. If you want to hear about future diabetes technology or just need a friend to talk to, please contact me!

Interests: I enjoy playing golf with friends and watching sports.

Favorite low-carb snack: My favorite low-carb food would be cheese sticks or pistachios.

Favorite high-carb snack: My favorite high-carb food would be pizza. 


Call or Text: (239) 919-2373

Meet Mentor Alyssa

My name is Alyssa Danner and I grew up in Naples, Florida. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 7. Currently, I am a Registered Nurse in Washington, D.C. working in Diabetes Education. I am passionate about education and advocacy for people with diabetes. I first became involved with Help a Diabetic Child while I was in nursing school as a volunteer camp counselor in Naples!

Interests: Marathon running, Traveling, and Diabetes Research 

Favorite low-carb snack: Cheese or pepperonis  

Favorite high-carb snack: Smarties candy


Want to help support a child in need? Sometimes giving your time is just as important. Please contact us to become a HADC Mentor.