Celebrating a Night of Possibilities

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Monday, November 13, 2023


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Help A Diabetic Child:

Julia Reisman



(239) 565-6318



Grey Oaks Country Club

2400 Grey Oaks Drive North Naples, FL 34105

Special thanks to The Allen Family for our venue.

Sponsors & Supporters

On behalf of Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Tom Karlya, our guest speaker, as we come together to celebrate a Night of Possibilities!

Tom is known in the diabetes community as Diabetes Dad for his columns that are published monthly. He has been active in diabetes causes since his daughter, Kaitlyn, was diagnosed in 1992 at the age of two. His son Rob was also diagnosed in March of 2009 at the age of thirteen. He is the Co-Creator and founder of, a site dedicated to supplying communities with free information about the warning signs of diabetes. He has lectured internationally at numerous health professional conferences including: The Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES), The Pediatric Endocrinology Nurses Society (PENS), The National School Nurses Association (NASN), Friends for Life Conferences (CWD) in the UK and the US, The LIONs Club Convention and numerous local fraternal and service organizations. He played a pivotal role in passing legislation in the United States regarding the awareness of the missed diagnosis of diabetes, Reegan’s Rule was the first of its kind such law, in North Carolina. He has been instrumental advising the national initiative with the Beyond Type1Foundation that has established awareness and education programs both in the US and abroad. He was awarded two Telly Awards in the Health Category for his video on the missed diagnosis of T1D which he wrote and produced, and also 14 other Telly Awards for various diabetes media outlets. He is former Executive Producer of dLife, your Diabetes Life on CNBC and presently is engaged in the battle to lower insulin costs.

He is married to Jill, who has been a huge part of diabetes efforts as well, and they reside in South Carolina, United States. They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Tom Karlya, Senior Vice President Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

Menu details


Romaine, Mixed Greens, Cucumbers, Pineapple, Strawberries, Raspberries, Mango-Ginger Cheese, & Toasted Coconut, Creamy Coconut Dressing


• Petite Filet Mignon, Dauphinoise Potatoes, Haricots Vert & Baby Carrot Bundle

• Chilean Sea Bass, Lemon Rice, Haricots Vert & Baby Carrot Bundle

• Lemon Caper Sauce

• Parmesan Risotto, Haricot Vert & Baby Carrot Bundle


Assorted Cookies

Chance Drawing

$25 Donation: Ridgeway Gift Card Opportunity ($300)
$50 Donation: Naples Botanical Garden Opportunity (One-Year Family Level Membership)
$500 Donation: Family or Company Name listed as Help A Diabetic Child Conference Room (Through our next drawing)

Allison Story

Hello there, my name is Allison, I am the owner and lead designer of a local flower shop, Flora & Fauna, and I am a type 1 diabetic.

My diagnosis story was thankfully, relatively uneventful. I was diagnosed at the age of 13, just after starting my eighth grade school year. I can remember the discomfort leading up to my diagnosis, yet not realizing that what I was experiencing was any different from the other teenagers around me. There are so many hormonal changes that occur throughout those pre-teenage years leading up to becoming a teenager, that I felt like what I was going through was “normal”. It also didn’t help that I had, what seemed like, reasonable explanations for all of the ways I was feeling which made me never question that I was sick.

Henri Noël will be supporting HADC with their forever strands with proceeds going to HADC.

Henri Noël Forever Strands:


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