We provide
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supplies to
children in need

Sarturday, october 2nd

HADC & Drive for Diabetes Awareness Golf Tournament

Join HADC & DFDA as we swing sticks and raise money for families in need! $100 per golfer, food and refreshments included, or become a sponsor! 


The cost to manage
diabetes is rising

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to naturally regulate the body’s blood sugar, leaving diagnosed individuals with a life-long dependency on costly medical insulin. Even for individuals who have sufficient insurance, access to health care, and stable employment, the costs of managing Type 1 Diabetes can put a significant dent in a family’s monthly budget.  

For individuals in underserved and underinsured communities, this could mean having to choose between purchasing life-sustaining insulin for their child or food for their family.


A cause before the cure


A cause before the cure

As researchers and doctors tirelessly strive to develop a cure for diabetes, Help a Diabetic Child (HADC) strives to ease the burden for children and young adults who struggle financially and emotionally while living with diabetes.



We’ve served over 1850 children,
families, and young adults
living with diabetes.

We’ve served
over 2000 children, families, and young adults living with T1D.

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News and stories from our community

New partnership with advent health

Help A Diabetic Child is proud to announce our partnership with Advent Health for Children helping underserved children who need insulin, diabetes medical supplies and doctor visits.

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