We purchase
insulin & medical
supplies for
children in need

NOW -JAN 26, 2023 AT 5PM

Vote for HADC!

Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) is honored to be nominated as a favorite nonprofit here in Naples, FL! We would love your support by voting for Help A Diabetic Child in The Scout Guide Naples, “Scouting for a Cause” contest! Your vote enters you to win a $100 gift card to a local restaurant of your choice.
Vote once a day, every day until January 26th at 5PM! The winning nonprofit will receive a free one-year membership towards TSG Naples! This would include year-round media coverage, professional photography and a full-page spread in their next volume.
Thank you for supporting us!

OCT 14, 2023 AT 10AM - 5PM

Halloween Festival

Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) to support children & young adults in
Luzerne County & surrounding areas who struggle to afford their
life-saving insulin & diabetes medical supplies.

When – Saturday, October 14th.

Where – Tom Tobin Flowers

905 Wyoming Ave. Forty Fort

Time – 10am – 5pm

Now - OCT 24, 2023 AT 5:30PM - 7:30PM

T1D Connections

Connect with your T1D Community

HADC invites you to “T1D Connections” taco tuesday night. Make your own tacos.

When – Tuesday-October 24th

Where – 2800 Davis Blvd. #107 Naples

Time – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

NOV 13, 2023

Celebrating a Night of Possibilities


When – Monday, November 13, 2023

Where – Grey Oaks Country Club

2400 Grey Oaks Drive North, Naples, FL 34105

Cost – $300 per person

Share your Story for Father's Day

American Medical ID is partnering with Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) to increase awareness of the importance of wearing a Medical ID for those living with diabetes.

All orders through HADC will receive a 10% discount (5% on gold) and 10% will be given back to HADC
If you or someone you know needs help covering the cost of a Medical Alert ID please contact us at: info@helpadiabeticchild.org
To order your Medical Alert ID please click on this link

The Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Tour.

Try the FreeStyle Libre System for FREE.

Turn your feedback into impact.

Help A Diabetic Child is partnering again with hundredx, a powerful platform turning brand opinions into monetary funding at no cost to our supporters! With hundredx you’ll be able to generate financial support for HADC without opening your wallet – all it takes is your time!
Top brands and businesses are always looking for feedback on their products and services – why not help them improve and generate impact for children with diabetes at the same time?
Provide up to 75 opinions to create $120 for a diabetic child in need!

Thank you to the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and The Luzerne Foundation for their generous grants to HADC.

HADC Diabetes Resource & Advocacy Center

Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) is excited to announce the opening of our HADC Diabetes Resource & Advocacy Center. While acting as our operations headquarters, this community center will also serve as a place for:
  • Telemedicine Visits for underserved families with no access to computer technologies
  • Emotional Support Services including mentorship and information on 504 plans, and other pharmaceutical information
  • Nutritional Support Services
  • Information on Patient Assistance Programs
  • Information on Pharmacy and Health Insurance Resources
  • Volunteer Programs for H.S. and College Students
  • On-site Diabetic Staff 
  • Community Outreach Program, Presentations, and Support
  • Educational Materials
As we continue to develop our office into a fully-functional community resource & advocacy center, we hope you can support our programs by making donations specifically for our general office supply needs & funding for our programs which will allow HADC to grow our mission to serve more children & young adults locally and across the state of Florida and beyond. Click below to donate to our Office Fund and thank you for all your support as we continue to grow and serve more children, young adults, and families in need!

Monday, November 4, 2024

Celebrating a Night of Possibilities

Where – T-Michaels Steak & Lobster

4050 Gulf Shore Blvd N, Naples, FL 34103

Coming Soon- may 16 - 19, 2023

75 Hours of Giving !

Please support Help A Diabetic Child during the NASCAR Giveathon happening through May 16-19th!

Created in honor of the 75th Anniversary of NASCAR, the NASCAR Day Giveathon is a joint effort between NASCAR and The NASCAR Foundation to provide much needed funds to the communities where we live, work and race like HADC!

The NASCAR community’s day of online giving will be a 75-hour period which provides an easy and fun way for our racing community to support local nonprofits. We are supper thankful to be selected as a nonprofit highlighted by The NASCAR Foundation.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we unveil the incredible video by Naples GM Creative, capturing the essence of our kick-off event at our new resource and advocacy center. Together, we're igniting hope and making a profound impact in the diabetes community and it is thanks to our many supporters like you.

We invite everyone to join us on this journey of empowerment, education, and support. Let’s unite to ease the burden faced by individuals struggling with diabetes and pave the way for brighter, healthier tomorrows.

We could not have captured these special moments without the brilliant minds at Naples GM Creative. Thank you, Melisa and Gabriel for beautifully translating our mission into this visual masterpiece. Your dedication shines through every frame!

Please stay tuned for more empowering diabetes connection events.

Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) is grateful and honored to receive grants and continued support from:

The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation for $23,000
United Way of Collier and the Keys for $15,000

Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) is a proud member of the Togetherhood Initiative in Immokalee Florida.

HADC working with other nonprofits and organizations will provide much needed services in Immokalee to individuals who live with diabetes and are in most need.

Fun Monday August 7th

Diabetes Support Groups & Outreach Programs

Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) is excited to kick-off our Diabetes Support Groups & Outreach Programs which will begin on Monday August 7th at 4pm at our HADC Diabetes Resource & Advocacy Center.

Who – Everyone of all ages (Children & Adults)

Time – 4pm – 7pm (come and go as you please)

Where – HADC Diabetes Resource & Advocacy Center

2800 Davis Blvd. Unit 107 Naples, FL 34104


The cost to manage
diabetes is rising

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to naturally regulate the body’s blood sugar, leaving diagnosed individuals with a life-long dependency on costly medical insulin. Even for individuals who have sufficient insurance, access to health care, and stable employment, the costs of managing Type 1 Diabetes can put a significant dent in a family’s monthly budget.  

For individuals in underserved and underinsured communities, this could mean having to choose between purchasing life-sustaining insulin for their child or food for their family.


A cause before the cure


A cause before the cure

Help a Diabetic Child (HADC) strives to ease the burden for children and young adults who struggle financially and emotionally while living with diabetes.



We’ve served over 4,500 children,
families, and young adults
living with diabetes.

We’ve served
over 3,000 children, families, and young adults living with T1D.

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Join us in celebrating

A Decade in Review - Remembering our 10 years of work.

In December of 2022, HADC celebrated 10 years of service to children and young adults in the Type 1 Diabetes community across the state of Florida and beyond. Looking back over the 10 years.

Join us in remembering our decade of success by reading the attached booklet by clicking on the picture of the book to open more pages.

Gratitude Report 2023

We invite you to join Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) in celebrating another year of accomplishments. It is your support that enables us to continue the important work of helping underserved children and young adults get their life-saving insulin, diabetes medical supplies & services which include endocrinology and emotional support visits.


Join one of our upcoming events.

2400 Grey Oaks Drive North

Sept 21


Shephard Hills Golf Club

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters!

Contribute to a specific cause:

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Help us provide 10 children with a year’s supply of Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs). All donations go directly to making a difference for children with diabetes.

Vials of Insulin

Insulin is the most critical and expensive medication prescribed to help manage diabetes. Contribute to our insulin fund so that no child with diabetes should ever have to go without it.

Mental & Emotional Support

We believe in coordinating treatment options that consider a child’s health holistically so that they have the opportunity to thrive both physically and mentally.


News and stories from our community