Enlisting the help of passionate interns.

Hear from one of our interns, Devin.

The organization I’ve chosen to visit is Help a Diabetic Child, Inc. The main mission of this organization is to help families with diabetic children who are financially distressed get the supplies they need. They are able to help with blood glucose testing supplies and insulin which are essential to someone who is afflicted. Insulin is between $175 and $300 per vial without insurance. Some of these families don’t have the luxury of health insurance and clearly insulin alone is a lot of money. This organization is able to help those who need basic necessities but are unable to get them. Help a Diabetic Child is a great organization with many resources and opportunities that provides help to those in need. 


Some of these families don’t have the luxury of health insurance and clearly insulin alone is a lot of money."

Assisting with HADC fundraising campaigns

As a volunteer, students help by aiding in the development marketing and educational programs to educate those with little knowledge on the disability. This helps gain monetary donations or being provided with actual supplies. This organization plans and hosts several events to get others involved in the cause. There is an online event soon where they paired with well-known agencies, and if they can enlist people to take a certain number of surveys for those companies, those big companies will donate money to HADC. They also have opportunities for these kids to come together to make them feel better about having a disability that not everyone else has. I plan to help out with the upcoming event by asking everyone to take short surveys.

While I was in nursing school, I volunteered as a camp counselor for Help A Diabetic Child (HADC), as well as helped collect supplies for children – that otherwise – would not have had access to lifesaving medical supplies. 

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