Help A Diabetic Child (HADC)

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American Medical ID is partnering with Help A Diabetic Child (HADC) to increase awareness of the importance of wearing a Medical ID for those living with diabetes.

All orders through HADC will receive a 10% discount (5% on gold) and 10% will be given back to HADC

If you or someone you know needs help covering the cost of a Medical Alert ID please contact us at:
To order your Medical Alert ID please click on this link
If you or someone you know needs help covering the cost of a Medical Alert ID please contact us at:

If you would like to sponsor a child or children by donating to cover the cost of a Medical Alert ID – please click on the donate button.

One child’s Medical Alert ID bracelet - $22.00

Wearing a Medical ID Bracelet is Crucial for Individuals With Diabetes, and Here’s Why:

Emergency Situations

In case of an emergency, a medical ID bracelet provides vital information about your health to first responders when you are unable to communicate. For instance, if your blood sugar drops significantly (a condition known as hypoglycemia), you might have difficulty speaking, become confused, or even lose consciousness. The bracelet alerts emergency health workers that you have diabetes, enabling them to initiate appropriate treatment promptly.

Essential Information

Medical ID bracelets range from simple medallions on a bracelet to high-tech options with cloud-based storage of your health data. Regardless of the style, your bracelet should include essential health information such as:

Online Information Storage

Some companies offer online storage of medical information along with the purchase of a medical ID bracelet. Emergency medical workers can access this information through websites or toll-free numbers. Consider including details like other conditions you have, drug allergies, implanted medical devices, and specific health care wishes (such as “do not resuscitate”) in your online health profile.

Fashion and Function

While the primary purpose of a medical ID bracelet is to save lives, companies recognize that aesthetics matter. You can find attractive options, including:

  • Gold or Silver Jewelry: These bracelets resemble regular jewelry, with engraved medallions or charms.
  • Silicone Bands: Commonly chosen for fitness activities, these rubber-like bands have a metal tag on the outside.
  • Kids’ Bracelets: Designed for young children with diabetes, these comfortable, plastic bracelets often feature fun shapes.
  • Remember to keep your information current as your health status changes over time.
So, wearing a medical ID bracelet ensures that critical health details are readily available during emergencies, allowing for timely and appropriate care.