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The Cost Of Raising a Child With Type 1 Diabetes

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July 18, 2017
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The Cost of Type 1 Diabetes

Having your child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes may come as a shock. However, the best thing parents, guardian or family members can do, is protecting the sick children and offering them an excellent medical care. Young children living with diabetes face higher medical bills than those living without the disease. This is due to drug prescriptions and the outpatient care.

The young children are mostly treated with insulin which comes with a high cost. Moreover, this is not the only thing they have to keep up with. More of the things required include;

• Test strips – These are used to monitor the blood sugar levels. They are vital as they will allow you to know when the child is improving or deteriorating and take the right measures.

• Lancets – You will also need to have these instruments to help you draw blood for testing

• Alcohol swabs – Used for cleaning the area before insulin injection. Injections are very sensitive, and you need to ensure that the area to be injected is clean otherwise it could lead to more complications.

• Needles and syringes – You will need a variety of this to use for injecting insulin. You cannot use one needle for many injections and buying a variety costs a lot.

• Glucagon – This is needed for emergencies. In a case where the victim’s blood sugar level gets too low, and they faint, glucagon is administered to help them regain the average sugar level or take it back to non-emergency level. If you do not have this device you can use standard glucose continuously or an insulin pump.

Buying these items needs you to have a lot of funds. The test strip alone costs a dollar or more for each depending on the type. The number of the pieces you need will depend on the number of times you test. To add on that are the glucose monitors and insulin pumps which will cost you hundreds of dollars. Lancets are not cheap either, and you will require several of them. If one does not have insurance or if they have not yet reached their deductibles, these costs could drain their finances. You could even find yourself selling and leasing all your home items just to achieve the medical requirement.

Glucagon especially where the blood sugar level has dropped to an extreme degree is not cheap either. You will need a lot of it and if you have to use the normal glucose ensure you have enough for such cases. Adding up all these expenses means that one has to have good finance sources.

Even for those who earn a lot, these medications can be a burden. This gets worse for low-income families. Such families go through a struggle trying to make ends meet since they have other things to take care of like rent, school fees among others; therefore the medical burden is too much.

Fortunately, we are here to help families with kids suffering from type 1 diabetes. We understand the pain that one has to go through when they are caught up in this unfortunate incident unexpectedly, and that is why we offer assistance for them to settle the medical needs. Reach us for support and let us walk with you through this trying journey.