November 4th is Diabetes Awareness Day Collier County - Help a Diabetic Child

November 4th is Diabetes Awareness Day Collier County

HADC was awarded a Proclamation from the Board of County Commissioners
November 20, 2018
HADC Honored to be Chosen By The Gannett Foundation
April 4, 2019

WHEREAS, National Diabetes Month is observed every November and November 4th, 2018 will mark the first annual Diabetes Awareness Day, to raise public awareness; and,

WHEREAS, the United States has more than 29 million people estimated to have diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes with an additional 86 million Americans that have pre-diabetes; and

WHEREAS, there is greater than 1 million adults and 18,000 youth diagnosed with diabetes annually; and,

WHEREAS, greater than 9% of florida adults have diabetes, and many people with pre-diabetes are not aware they have it; and,

WHEREAS, professional health care education to our communities can prevent, delay, and help manage diabetes for healthier living.

NOW THREREFORE, be it proclaimed by the board of county Commissioners of collier county, Florida, that November 4, 2018 be disignated as


DONE AND ORDER THIS 23RD Day of October, 2018