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Lacy Kuehl Story

Help a Diabetic Child is proud to partner with Halifax Health
August 19, 2020

In harmony with the mission to provide life-saving insulin & supplies to children with Type 1 Diabetes, Help A Diabetic Child is dedicated to raising awareness about the effects of the disease. We’ve partnered with junior NASCAR driver, Lacy Keuhl, and the Drive For Diabetes Awareness team to help inform and educate our communities about being proactive with the signs and symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes.

Lacy Kuehl started racing go-karts at 6 years of age. Now at the age of 14, she is competitively racing with a purpose. In 2019, at the age of 12, Lacy was chosen to drive in NASCAR’s Youth Development Program, racing for Drive for Diabetes Awareness, to help bring awareness to those unfamiliar with the signs and symptoms of diabetes. Although Lacy doesn’t have diabetes, she is racing to battle the disease for those who can’t, like her brother Rocco Kuehl who passed away from a misdiagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) shortly after his first birthday.

Misdiagnosis is the leading cause of death in children with Type 1 Diabetes and a retrospective online survey found that 25% of all participants were misdiagnosed and that misdiagnosis was associated with an 18% increased risk for diabetic ketoacidosis compared to those correctly diagnosed.

Lacy Kuehl & HADC believe education is knowledge and knowledge is the power to help save lives. Knowing the following signs and symptoms could help save many lives for the people unaware they could be battling diabetes.

Sudden weight loss
Vision changes
Strong fruity breath
Rapid breathing
Feeling tired
Extreme thirst
Change in appetite
Frequent urination

“Check, don’t guess. It may not be the flu.”

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