HADC Mission to Help Children with Diabetes Uniquely Reflected in Statement by Professor and Specialty Pediatric Endocrinologist

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October 26, 2015
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November 16, 2015

Help A Diabetic Child Foundation of Naples “Children with diabetes are at an unacceptably increased risk of being admitted to hospital,” John Gregory, a professor and specialist in pediatric endocrinology at Cardiff University School of Medicine, said in a university news release.

Here’s another statement in the same article:

“The risk of hospitalization among children with type 1 diabetes was highest for children aged 5 and under, the research team found. After that, the risk for hospitalization fell by 15 percent for every five-year increase in a child’s age at the time of diagnosis.”

Children with type 1 diabetes who came from poorer families were at especially high risk for hospitalization, according to the study published April 13 in the journal BMJ Open.(See the full article here: http://www.nbc-2.com/story/28797637/kids-with-type-1-diabetes-face-much-higher-hospitalization-rates)

We do not definitively know why someone’s pancreas stops working. It may be any one or several genetic and/or environmental factors. It’s almost as if by chance, the diagnosis is forced onto the individual regardless of their lifestyle, diet, exercise regimen or financial status.

And it’s the financial status that can affect the way they control their condition from the point of diagnosis going forward. Even with insurance, the deductibles and co-pays can wipe a family out financially. When money is not an issue to someone, it could feel like nobody else in the world is suffering. But that false sense of security couldn’t be further from the truth.

Every day, children with diabetes must frequently test, read, monitor, adjust and inject insulin into their system. How that plays with the minds and hearts of these vulnerable victims is a different issue that will be addressed in a future blog.

For now, we want to address the financial demands of these children, many of whom already live in poverty. Imagine being in a financial state where an extra $20 for the week can make all the difference. How that $20 could mean the difference between having a few more meals or going hungry. It happens right here in SW Florida. Now imagine what that child would suffer through when his or her mom and dad are told that supplies and medicine would cost them $1000 a month.

What would these loving parents, already strapped by unpaid bills, do? What would you do?
That’s where we (HADC) come in. Our son was diagnosed with T1D five years ago. Thank God, we were not THAT bad off, but we still felt the financial pinch. (Like I said, the mental and emotional pinch will be addressed in a future blog.) And it was that pinch that got us thinking of those families worse off than us and how we could help.
Our mission is to help children with diabetes through the procurement of needed supplies and access to medicine. We like to say that while the professionals search for a cure, we help children with diabetes here and now.

Please consider helping us in our mission through your financial donation or volunteering at some level. We have lots to do. https://helpadiabeticchild.org/take-action/