Ashton’s Story

May 24, 2016
The 2nd Annual Naples Diabetes Conference
December 6, 2016

AshtonWe meet Ashton and his mom when they were struggling to get the medication and supplies he needs to treat his Type 1 Diabetes. Her letter for help gives a inside view of how many families struggle to afford medication and supplies their children need to live:

“Food or medication, feed my family dinner or buy my sons life saving insulin. I never thought I would have to choose between feeding my family and life saving medication and supplies for my 4 year old. When I think I can’t handle anymore I get more added on to my shoulders. A brittle type one 4 year old and now our 13 year old has a very damaged liver and needs a biopsy, ultra sound and more. As I type this my little one asks for an apple, I hand it to him and his little hand bring it to his mouth to take a bite and all I can think about is how much the apple costs and how I can gather some change to get him another one. Working 7 days a week, budgeting every dollar, meal planning every meal and snack, using coupons, shopping clearance, we don’t eat out, we don’t waste money on processed snacks or junk food, and yet it’s not enough. I still sit and stare at his medical bills and my empty bank account, tears quietly roll down my cheeks without the kids knowing. This disease has devastated our lives. Everyday is a struggle to keep him healthy and to keep up with his medical supplies. The struggle to put food on the table is harder and harder. Sometimes I feel helpless today is one of those days, weeks, months….”

Your generous donations make it possible for HADC to help children like Ashton and their parents live happy, healthy lives. We thank you for your support!