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Who are we?

What is Type 1 Diabetes?

ornament1 Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure. There are certain cells that sense the presence of glucose (sugar) in the blood and respond by producing insulin that serves as the “gatekeeper” to the body. In T1D and for reasons yet not clear, the immune system identifies these insulin producing cells as invaders and destroys them. Without insulin to open the gate, glucose builds in the blood and never reaches the rest of the body’s cells. If this is untreated, serious and life-threatening damage can occur.

Type 1 News

ornament1 Help a Diabetic Child is committed to providing updated information relating to the treatment and cure of diabetes. This location will contain regularly updated items that will serve as a source of information to people with diabetes, their families, and friends. There are many things happening in the field of research, treatment, and management of diabetes that offer hope to kids dealing with this disease and our intent is to share as much as possible.

How We Help

ornament1 Help a Diabetic Child, Inc has a mission to purchase blood glucose testing supplies and insulin for children and college students who are in financial distress. Without proper and regular blood testing and administration of insulin, these kids are at risk for damage to the eyes, heart, and kidney or worse…coma and death. HADC aims to get supplies to as many children as possible so they might stay as healthy as they can until a cure for this disease is found.

Help A Child Today

ornament1 Type 1 Diabetes is a disease for which there is no cure. Each day tens of thousands of children must check their blood glucose and administer insulin multiple times daily…for life. There are kids, through no fault of their own, who are unable to get the items needed because of financial hardship. By making a donation to HADC you can ease the burden and stress of that hardship and help a child stay healthier. Help A Diabetic Child Inc is a 501 (c) (3) organization and all donations are tax deductible as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.

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  • Bill King
    As a person living for 28 years with Type 1 Diabetes, as well as working in the diabetes treatment and clinical research environment, I have learned that our country is headed towards a diabetes health care crisis. With close to 30 million Americans living with diabetes today and another 90 million at great risk of being diagnosed over the next several years, many families do not have access to the vital diabetic supplies needed to treat this disease. The Help A Diabetic Child Foundation is focused soley on providing support to families of children with diabetes who do not have adequate health care coverage. The money being raised by this organization goes directly to providing support, hope and critical supplies to the families of children with diabetes. These supplies can help children manage their diabetes and help to keep them safe from the horrible complications caused by this disease. Please consider supporting this work and click the donate button to help fund this very important cause.
  • Kelly
    "Help A Diabetic Child Foundation was literally a lifesaver in our time of need. My daughter lost her health insurance and it took several months to get her on another plan. I am a single mother and I had no idea how I was going to afford the monthly out-of-pocket costs for insulin, strips, needles and lancets. HADC generously supplied my daughter with a box of Humalog insulin pens, Lantus insulin pens, test strips and a glucose meter. Receiving these items was such a huge relief. Not only did HADC supply my daughter with life saving items, but they also were understanding and supportive. I am eternally grateful for the help they gave us in our time of need."
  • Paige
    "As a college student, my monthly budget is tight. Between rent, utility bills, and a bit of food, I have no money to spare. I cannot afford health insurance and the lack of Medicaid expansion in my state left me behind. This has created a dangerous situation for me because I have type 1 diabetes. Without the basic supplies I need, it’s only a matter of time before I die. That’s a scary thing to think about! I was fortunate enough to find help getting insulin, a meter, and test strips through HADC. Their generosity has sustained me while I was in a critical place. I’ve now found a job with insurance, but without HADC I couldn’t have made it to this point in the healthy way that I have. Thank you for the health! And thank you for the help."
  • Travis
    "I am a 26-year old college student with type 1 diabetes. I had run into a time where it was difficult to properly take care of myself because I was’t able to get the supplies I needed. Well the Help A Diabetic Child Foundation helped me, and I was able to live more healthfully because of this help. I would either be amassing loads of debt or struggling through school to pay for those supplies if it wasn’t for HADC. I am truly grateful and appreciative of their help and support."
  • Lauren
    I just want to thank you for helping me out when I really needed it. My name is Lauren Praet I am 25 year old and have a 4 year old son. I have had diabetes for 20 years now,I also have a 23 year old sister with diabetes as well. Over the past years I have been battling with insurance and how I was going to pay for my insulin and supplies that I needed. I finally got insurance through my dad that would cover me until I was 26 and was so thankful. My dad got a new job this past December and had to switch to a new insurances which was fine, until they ended up terminating us before the 30 days which I didn't find out until I went to get my insulin and they told me it was $281. I could not afford that so for 4 days I was trying to figure out what I was going to do, how am I going to pay for this. I ended up in the hospital with DKA for 2 days. The diabetic specialists in the hospital found you guys to help me pay for my insulin that I needed. I am so grateful for you guys and I want to thank you and I so grateful you could help. There are no words to explain how lucky I was to find you guys. Thank you for all your help and if there is anything you need from me I would love to help. Me and my family are so happy to find a local foundation we can help.

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